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Response to Readers- Purple Plan Ad Sheet

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Update 4/1/2009 2:23PM: Today other ads are showing below on Hoboken 411 including Kid’s First and Ravi Bhalla. It looks like the top left ad placement is fixed. I’m sure there is a different rate for that permanent placement than the rotational spots above various articles.

Original Story: Several readers expressed concern over bias at another website regarding the placement of one Mayoral candidate’s announcement endorsing a particular BOE slate. I just thought I would take a look myself to see what was going on at another website which by the way still does some very good things. However, it is very clear from the ad placement that one candidate seems to have a lock on the political ads on that site. Truth be told Ravi Bhalla has had ads up as well but it looks like for this time slot for political ads it is all Mason. Stay tuned and stay informed! For now I will let the picture speak for itself:

As of 6:45 PM March 31st, 2009

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March 31, 2009 at 10:54 PM

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BOE Budget Meeting Tonight at Wallace School

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At the Wallace School (11th and Willow), tonight at 7:00 pm is the school budget hearing for the fiscal year 2009.

Click here for a previous article which contains the full Hoboken 2009 BOE budget:

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March 31, 2009 at 5:55 PM

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Dawn Zimmer Officially Endorses Kids First

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Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer today endorsed the Kids First Slate of Theresa Minutillo, Maureen Sullivan and Ruth McAllister in the upcoming April 21st School Board election. Zimmer said, “Theresa, Maureen and Ruth are committed to the changes we need in our schools. They strongly support focusing more resources on the classroom to help our kids learn and cutting back administrative overhead in order to accomplish this important goal.”

Dawn Zimmer noted that this will be an especially important School Board election. “The next School Board will face new challenges due to the continuing fiscal crisis, which could be made worse by a potential reduction of Abbott Funding”, said Zimmer. “We need dedicated School Board members who will work hard to do more with less”, Zimmer added.
Councilwoman Zimmer encouraged all Hoboken voters, no matter who they plan to support to vote in the school board election. According to Zimmer, less than 4,000 people voted in the last school board election as opposed to 22,000 who voted in the 2008 Presidential election.”Thirty percent of our property tax dollars go to the schools and it is critical that we ensure every dollar is well spent”, said Zimmer.
My Comment: Dawn is the first Mayoral Candidate to officially endorse a BOE slate. We will have to wait and see if other Mayoral or City Council candidates endorse either BOE slate.

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March 31, 2009 at 5:49 PM

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Word on the Street – Update on Ballot Drawing

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The ballot drawing is this Wednesday April1st at 12pm-1pm for the Mayoral and City Council at large seats. Hoboken Now had reported that the ballot drawing was delayed and that is true as it was originally scheduled for Monday March 30th but I confirmed this morning from one of the candidates that it is in fact tomorrow at high noon. So unless there is a last minute change announced this afternoon, the ballot drawing time should be set.

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March 31, 2009 at 2:25 PM

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Word on the Street- Campaign Happenings

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Ballot Drawing this Wednesday:

The drawing of the ballot position for Mayor and City Council Elections is coming up this Wednesday April 1st from 12PM -1PM at City Hall. I would imagine all of the Major slate candidates are in since many of them submitted well over the required amount of petitions. I also received confirmation that Mayoral Independents Ryn Melberg and Tom Vincent also had enough signatures. Frank Orsini had told me that he submitted over 600 so I think he should be safe as well. As far as the Council Independent candidates, it is reported that the City Clerk’s Office only had time to validate voting registration and validity but not check for duplicates. Therefore, as long as they submitted enough valid petitions they should all be fine to make it on the ballot as well.
Beth Mason’s Campaign: Until I checked this afternoon, there had not been any updates on Beth Mason’s website about fundraisers or public events for about a week. An invitation only event was held this weekend at her campaign headquarters to what could best be described as people on the fence but receptive to her campaign. The goal was for these people to meet her slate of council candidates and hopefully get a better comfort level with what some perceive to be a handpicked Russo slate.
My source, who was invited to that meeting did not come away with a favorable view of the slate as it pertained to such concerns. As they say, opinions vary. It is not that unusual to have non-public events for a campaign but I would have expected more publicly announced activity by this point. Each campaign has a right to have its own style but so far I am finding the Beth Mason campaign to be less transparent (or at least publicly open via the web) than the Zimmer and Cammarano campaigns to date. That could change as time goes by.
There is an event at Maxwell’s for April 16th on her site ( with a recommended donation of $250 dollars. I have posted numerous emails and press releases from both the Cammarano and Zimmer camps as well as document by video events for Frank Orsini and Tom Vincent but the Mason Campaign has not sent me any releases to date. If the Mason campaign decides to do so, I will be sure to publish.
Phone Poll Follow up: The phone poll I had on Sunday March 22nd has been confirmed by the Zimmer Campaign as not being theirs. This poll asked many questions about how support for Beth Mason would be perceived if Mike Russo, Theresa Castellano, Ruben Ramos, Frank Raia, etc. were to support her in terms of likeliness to make you vote for or against her. One of Mason’s core bloggers Wakeup_07030 on insists that it was not Beth’s poll. Question: Who else would waste their money on those questions that pertain specifically to matters only her campaign? Using the principal of Occam’s Razor the simplest explanation is usually the correct one but who says Hoboken politics is scientifically rational?
Celebrity Tactics: White Horse Strategies has put up a nice looking website for Peter Cammarano but I have to call to question the strategy of using celebrities unrelated to Hoboken politics to win an election. Sure, it makes for a good buzz but I think the voters who are savvy will look beyond the glam and vote for who they think will do the best job. A 23 year old statement by a wanna-be filmmaker whose last name just happens to be Kennedy isn’t going to swing my vote as much as an old time B&R Hoboken resident.
“Mayor Quimby”: I don’t take credit for the nickname, I first heard that one on Dave Roberts was sighted at the new W Hotel this Friday with a selection of Hudson County’s finest. Geez, I thought he was spending most of his time in Mantaloking because I hadn’t seen him on the street in for some time. Maybe he was keeping his promise to buy anyone a steak dinner at Zylos if they could find a city run better his beloved Hoboken. Given the current budget mess and his predominant role in it I would imagine that would be pretty easy now.
Dave Roberts also had a very public temper tantrum about signage last week that yes was offensive but truthful. I only ask for him to take a good look in the mirror and ask himself, was there any thing he could have done better in years 2001-2007 to improve the financial position of the Hoboken taxpayer? As Michael Jackson once sang “I’m asking the man in the mirror”. Maybe had he done a better job at controlling costs that sign would not have been created in the first place.

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W Hotel Photos

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The W Hotel had its opening this Friday March 27th, 2009. Here are some photos of the exterior taken from my iPhone on my way home from work that Friday.

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Peter Cammarano Calls on No Fire and Police Layoffs

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Here is a segment of a press release from last Friday. I had published the piece on the first TV ad but wanted to follow up with the letter to Judy Tripodi and the general statement from Peter Cammarano that there should be no layoffs of the fire and police to cut the budget. This was released Friday March 27th:
Cammarano Urges State Monitor Not to Lay-Off Police and Firefighters
‘Calls on Mason and Zimmer to Join Him’

HOBOKEN, NJ – Yesterday, Peter Cammarno sent a letter to State Monitor Judy Tripodi urging her to withdraw the proposed cuts against Hoboken police and firefighters she filed with the State, and to find other ways trim the city budget.

Cammarano is also calling on fellow Council members Beth Mason and Dawn Zimmer –
his two opponents in the mayoral race whose failure to pass a budget last year triggered the state takeover resulting in a 47% tax increase – to join him in asking the StateMonitor to rescind the layoff plan as it pertains to public safety.

“No task is more important in government than the protection of public safety. Nothing is more important than the security of Hoboken’s families,” said Cammarano. “I amentirely in favor of cutting waste, nepotism and cronyism to bring about a leaner, moreefficient government. And that is exactly what I will do as Mayor. However, this is notabout cutting fat from a budget. It’s about keeping our families safe.”
Unfortunately, the City of Hoboken is powerless to stop the State monitor from laying offpublic safety workers, because last year the City Council abdicated its financialresponsibility to the State when a majority – including Beth Mason and Dawn Zimmer –failed to pass a budget and instead voted for a state takeover.

Here is Peter Cammarano’s letter to Judy Tripodi in SlideShare:

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